About TFA

Since 2000, TFA has grown to become a financial advisor and resource to a select group of Chicagoland’s (and the country’s) working and retired business executives, healthcare professionals, attorneys and entrepreneurs. 

We believe that the best results for our clients come from a good balance of financial planning, tax planning and investment advice.  We like to think of ourselves as our clients' one-stop shop for advice on all financial matters impacting their lives. 

We work with clients on various financial matters.  These include tax planning, investment management, social security maximization, employee stock compensation issues, employee benefits maximization, retirement income planning (including goals/needs establishment), insurance needs planning, estate planning, education planning, cash management, savings plans and other client specific issues. 

Why Clients Choose Trinity

Unbiased Advice - As fiduciaries, our clients' interests come first in every aspect of our business.  We take this role very seriously.  We sell only our services, receive no commissions on product recommendations and do not accept referral fees from other professionals, such as estate planning attorneys or insurance brokers, to whom we refer clients. 

Team Approach - We take a team approach when working with clients, and include two senior advisors on each team.   We believe that great results aren’t formed in a vacuum, so we develop better solutions by including multiple experienced professionals in your planning process.  

Systematic Approach - We believe that the best way to reach any goal is by devising a plan, whether for broad personal financial matters or for investment management.  Once a plan is devised, we then work with clients to systematically execute the plan. 

Technical Knowledge - Each of our advisors is a CFP® Professional and collectively have more than 100 years of financial services experience.  Our professionals also include MBA degree holders, CPAs, and a CFA charter holder.  We are technically inclined in our approach and often utlize leading academic research to develop solutions on financial/tax planning matters and when constructing investment portfolios.  We take great pride in using our technical knowledge to create unique solutions for our clients.  


Financial Planning: Helping You See the Big Picture

Financial planning is a process that can help you reach your financial goals by evaluating your whole financial picture.