Financial & Investment Philosophy


General Financial Advisory Philosophy

We believe that financial planning and tax planning can add significant value beyond that of investment management alone.  We use various planning techniques for our clients to extract this value for them.  Read more about our financial planning and tax planning services.

Investment Philosophy - We believe:

Markets are Efficient - Financial markets are for the most part efficient; however some markets may be a bit more efficient than others.

Diversification is Paramount - Allocating across many asset classes is the best way to reduce volatility in the short-run, without excessively reducing returns in the long-run.

A Systematic Approach is Required for Success - Applying a systematic approach to investment management and portfolio rebalancing helps to achieve superior returns over the long-term.

Long-term Investing Achieves Better Results - A long-term approach to investing is in our opinion the best approach for our clients.  

Tax Efficiency Enhances Returns - When making investment decisions, assessing and managing the impact of income taxes can increase long-term returns.

In Combining Passive and Active Investments - A passive approach is good, but thoughtfully combining both passive and active strategies can lead to lower volatility and higher returns.   

In Utilizing Leading Academic Research - We apply academic research to real world investing. There is an art to what we do for our clients, but that art is based on academic financial science. 

Smart Beta Works - Academic research and history support that using strategies such as factor investing and fundamental weightings of portfolios, rather than using market capitalization weightings, can add to investment returns and reduce volatility in the long run