Hourly Services

Service Offerings, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, Illinois

Hourly Planning: 

Receive the planning you want to take control of your finances.  Be intentional.

Why we offer financial planning on an hourly basis.

Today, nearly everyone understands there are less conflicts of interested with fee-only advising – no commissions and no products are sold.  By offering hourly financial planning we can serve people who are:

·         just starting out saving and/or investing.

·         have a modest amount of assets.

·         have financial assets that cannot be placed in a traditional investment account (real property, a business, etc.).

With an hourly approach we can give all clients high quality service from our team.

The approach for hourly financial planning is to let you take charge of the process and make you more equipped to do things on your own.  This will allow you to choose to do as much or as little of the work needed for financial planning long term.  Our goal is to make you a better “steward” of your financial future, assets, and time, by using our expertise in an hourly approach that best helps you. 


If you understand the keys to implementing a good financial plan: avoid debt, spend less than you earn and save for the future, this can be a great option for you.


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