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Trinity Financial Advisors is a full-service advisory firm offering investment management, financial planning, life planning, and tax preparation for our valued clients.

Investment Management

We take a long-term approach to investing our clients' funds.  We believe in broad diversification across numerous asset categories, including both domestic and international equities.  As appropriate, we strive to minimize trading costs and fund expenses, while managing tax efficiency in client portfolios.  Read more about our investment philosophy.

We employ various investment strategies for our clients depending upon their unique situation, time horizon, risk tolerance, risk capacity and goals.  These strategies range from a balance of passive and active management to 100% passive management.  For a significant number of our clients we utilize a Core & Satellite investment strategy, as described further below. 

Core & Satellite Investing for Equities

We apply a Core & Satellite methodology to our equity investing, with approximately 70% of client equity assets invested in low-fee passively managed mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds.  In certain circumstances, our clients maintain individual equities in their portfolios.  The remaining 30% of client equity assets are invested in actively managed funds.  We apply this approach because we believe that excess returns may be achieved by active asset management in certain asset categories, rather than by taking a passive investing approach across all categories.

  Fixed Income Investing 

For the fixed income portion of clients' portolios, we use various mutual funds and ETFs.  For clients that prefer individual bonds, we have the ability to construct portfolios of individual treasury, municipal and corporate bonds.  We employ a more active approach to fixed income versus our approach to equity investing.  Due to the broader offerings of fixed income securities, we believe that active managers can add incremental value in excess of their fees.

  Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds and some Individual Stocks  

We typically invest using mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) rather than investing directly in individual stocks.  However, for clients with legacy individual stock positions we are able to construct portfolios around these positions.  As well, for clients with equity portfolios exceeding $2 million, depending upon the account structure we may be able to construct a passively managed benchmark tracking portfolio of individual stocks in an effort to enhance tax efficiency.   

  Portfolio Construction  

When constructing portolfios we first understand our clients' life goals and financial needs - both long-term and short-term.  With a deep undertanding of goals, we move forward to assess risk tolerances using both quantitative and behavioral questionnaires.  We are then able to construct a diversified portoflio with appropriate risk levels, while aiming to achieve returns ample to meet unique goals and needs.  

If a client's risk tolerance is not high enough to allow for returns to meet their goals and needs, we will have a discussion about how best to manage the gap.  Typically the solution is to increase savings, reduce long-term lifestyle expectations and/or increase portfoilio risk.  

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Charles Schwab & Company, as well as Fidelity Investments serve as custodians for our clients in order to provide an additional layer of account security and online access to your account information.  Occasionally we use alternative custodians for certain investment selections that may not be available through the Schwab or Fidelity platform.   

  Account Administration and Cash Management Services

On behalf of our clients, our staff prepare all account paperwork for transfers, distributions, contributions, new account establishment and various other transactions.    

  Semi-Annual Portfolio Review Meetings

Typically, we schedule one-hour semi-annual portfolio review meetings with your designated financial advisor and TFA's founder, John Wimbiscus.  During the meetings we review portfolio performance, suggest potential portfolio changes/reallocation trades,and discuss whether the portfolio construction continues to make sense based on current risk tolerance and goals.  Meetings are held either at our Chicago office, or remotely via an interactive web conference

  Fiduciary Advisor

We hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard and are required by law to provide advice only in the best interests of our clients.  We do not receive any commissions or referral fees on the sale of any investment products.


  Various Portfolio Options  

Financial Planning, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, IllinoisCustom TFA Portfolio
Within this portfolio structure, we generally annually rebalance a mix of no-load mutual funds, index funds, exchange-traded funds, separately managed accounts, and fixed income securities. These securities may incur a transaction cost imposed by our custodians.

Schwab Institutional Intelligent™ Portfolio
This portfolio structure provides automated investing and rebalancing of a mix of exchange-traded funds selected by us, but with no transaction costs. This portfolio is only available with our custodian, Charles Schwab.

Employer-Sponsored Plan Management
We analyze the investment options available to you within your plan(s) and provide our holding recommendations catered to your risk tolerance, as well as oversee rebalancing if needed.