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Service Offerings, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, Illinois

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Trinity Financial Advisors is a full-service advisory firm offering investment management, financial planning, life planning, and tax preparation for our valued clients.

Investment Management

As an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, we do not receive any commissions on the sales of any investment products. We hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard and objectively choose the appropriate investment options that are in your best interest. Our custodians are Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and Trust Company of America, providing you with an additional layer of account security.

In developing your portfolio recommendations, we first assess your personal risk tolerance through both quantitative and behavioral questionnaires. From these results, we outline a portfolio that should statistically not decline in any given year in an amount greater than your personal comfort zone.

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We generally hold one-hour semi-annual investment meetings with your designated financial advisor and our principal, John Wimbiscus. We can hold meetings in our office and/or via a conference call with screen sharing capabilities for a guided, remote investment meeting. Our investment management services include ongoing general financial counsel and education planning, as well as in-house administrative support to process all of the necessary distributions and contributions, transfers, and account paperwork.

Financial Planning, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, IllinoisCustom TFA Portfolio
Within this portfolio structure, we generally annually rebalance a mix of no-load mutual funds, index funds, exchange-traded funds, separately managed accounts, and fixed income securities. These securities may incur a transaction cost imposed by our custodians.

Schwab Institutional Intelligent™ Portfolio
This portfolio structure provides automated investing and rebalancing of a mix of exchange-traded funds selected by us, but with no transaction costs. This portfolio is only available with our custodian, Charles Schwab.

Employer-Sponsored Plan Management
We analyze the investment options available to you within your plan(s) and provide our holding recommendations catered to your risk tolerance, as well as oversee rebalancing if needed.

Financial Planning

For a comprehensive financial planning engagement, we bill semi-annually at the beginning of every six months on a fee-only retainer. Our fees for this service can generally run anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 per year, depending on the complexity of the engagement. We also offer limited engagements at a reduced cost. Financial planning engagements are not a requirement to be an investment management client. You can choose to have a financial planning engagement annually, or for a single year and thereafter as needed.

Financial Projections, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, Illinois

Financial Projections
We offer either cash flow based or goal based financial projections to help you assess your current personal budget and formulate your retirement objectives. Both types of projections include a Monte Carlo analysis to provide you with a statistical probability of whether your money will last through the end of your retirement.

Employee Benefits, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, Illinois

Employee Benefits Planning
Our review and assessment of your employee benefits help you select the optimal benefits your employer offers towards achieving the goals of your overall financial plan. This includes management of executive compensation.

Estate Planning, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, Illinois

Estate Planning
In reviewing your current estate plan, we assess the plan in the context of your broader life and legacy goals. We propose any recommended modifications and coordinate and work with your attorney to implement any changes.

Income Tax Planning, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, Illinois

Income Tax Planning
With the assistance of Certified Public Accountants, we prepare detailed tax projections to assess the impact of financial and investment decisions on your tax liability. This includes a tax withholding and estimated payment analysis to mitigate underpayment penalties. We also offer tax preparation services in certain cases under a separate tax preparation engagement.

Insurance Planning, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, Illinois

Insurance Planning
In reviewing your current insurance, we determine if you and your family are adequately covered across various types of insurance, including life, disability, and health insurance. We coordinate with outside specialists to determine if you also have adequate property and casualty insurance. We then work with your insurance agent to implement any necessary changes.

Social Security Analysis, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, Illinois

Social Security Analysis
We review the benefit-claiming strategies that are available to you and determine your optimal claiming strategy according to your current cash flow and long-term financial goals.

Education Planning, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, Illinois

Education Planning
Also covered under our investment management engagement, education planning determines your annual and lump-sum savings needs as based upon your education funding goals.

 Life Planning, Trinity Financial Advisors, Chicago, Illinois

Life Planning
As part of a financial planning engagement, we also offer life planning to help you develop a financial plan tied to your life aspirations. As a Registered Life Planner, our Principal, John Wimbiscus, will lead you through this mindfulness-based and non-judgmental approach. This process encourages you to consider your ultimate aspirations and discuss and resolve potential obstacles in achieving your dreams. Fees for this additional service are factored into your financial planning quote.