About You

Our clients range from upper middle income to high income working and retired individuals and families.  It is common for us to work with corporate executives, healthcare professionals, attorneys and entrepreneurs.   

Our clients understand the complexity that comes with decision making in most corners of life.  They appreciate our creative solutions that derive from our resourcefulness, experience, detail orientation and technical knowledge. 

Our clients desire to create a long-term mutually beneficial working relationship, and often feel comfortable speaking with us about life issues well beyond their general financial matters.

Our clients know what they don’t know, have the courage to pursue their best answers and see value in receiving expert guidance.          

It is common for clients like you to:

Value our Experience working with senior level professionals.  You understand that working with experienced financial professionals in a highly technical industry adds value to your financial and emotional well-being.  You wouldn’t take your medical care into your own hands, would you?  So why would you do so with your finances?

Understand that Life Decisions and Financial Decisions are not mutually exclusive. 

Desire an Authentic Approach.  We give straight answers whether or not we think the news will be well received.  While not always easy, we find this approach works best to help our clients achieve their best results.

Prefer the personal attention received by working with a small, easily accessible boutique firm.    

Like to Outsource Key Life/Personal Services.  You are busy in your professional and personal life and value your time.  You prefer to outsource key roles, such as personal financial management, to a firm with deep experience and expertise.

Seek a Fiduciary for your Advisor.  You desire a firm that is required by law to serve you in your best interests, but that would do so regardless because of its high integrity, morals and ethics.

Agree that the value created from tax and financial planning advice greatly enhances the value added by Investment Management alone.